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Here you can find a wide range of chemicals used in today’s modern world. Not only the latest chemicals, we are also available with activation powders and conservation powders. Just tell us what your needs and requirements are, and we’ll do whatever we can to get there. You can expect the right solutions for every type of sensitive issues at SSD-CHEMICAL.

We also present more recent recommendations including the inclusion of a toning bath in the conventional treatment using our hardener and lightening of banknotes damaged by the extraction method. To fix your damaged notes once and for all, contact us for more details on cleaning procedures

About us

We provide our customers with: Materials, products, a fast and efficient service in cleaning masked and encrypted banknotes in the following colors: Black, Green and Red …

We are a firm specializing in cleaning, conservation of both foreign and local currencies. Develop and release all the stock of merchandise you have with a 99.5% success rate. Welcome to our laboratory,

In view of the multiple problems encountered by several customers concerning the cleaning of secured banknotes, we took the initiative in June 2005 to make ourselves available to all holders of semi-banknotes finish black, green, blue who want to find a final solution. For masked banknotes under 4 years old.

Then the SSD laboratory of the chemical bank is open 6 days/7 from 8 am to 7 pm and on Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm and the technical service is open 24/24 Hours a day, 7 days a week, with a dedicated and discreet team at your disposal, Wherever you are, we send a technician to your satisfaction.


We have funds available in 100 dollars usd from swiss bank direct this money is in the form bank negatives ready for processing. it packages and is well kept in a secured place. All notes are 90% complete and we have our experts from France 🇫🇷 colonies that work in bank engineering. We need partners who will assist our expert technicians to complete the process. All notes are verifiable in all banks you have to make arrangements for a private meeting in a very safe and secure place for our technician to come and show you the demo sample of the money. you are not required to pay any upfront payment. You’ve to confirm the sample. If there is any Hi requirement to process the funds he will let you know. Sharing ratio is 50/50 for both parties, we do not entertain the third part. All transactions are strictly confidential and we require only a reliable person. Let me know if you can perform this job with good benefits.


All our products are legal and Tested. The exceptional skills and dedication of our team members enable us to create the best services in the world so that our clients can obtain the best product and services offered. all our customers are protected and its authenticity of the products


With quality we are the best in providing SSD Chemical,Activation chemical, Cleaning machine etc. our product are produced by the best lab technician and perfected has time goes by to suite our clients around the world .

Fast and Efficient

We always work fast but our production and delivery is of excellent quality and no delay , Before manufacturing any of the products; they all go through quality controls and analyzes and thus give you 100% security.


The Effectiveness of our products

If your money is stamped, secure, masked isothermal, we can help you clean it. In addition, we are represented all over the world where the need is obvious.

If your money is stamped, secure, masked isothermal, we can help you clean it.

We make available to our customers: Latest generation equipment, good quality products, fast service, efficient and discreet in the cleaning of banknotes secure, charred, masked, encrypted.

For any type of Euro, Dollar, Yen , Dinar ,Dhirams ,Pound Sterling,Swiss Franc ETC…